Your home's windows play an important role in the energy efficiency and comfort of your home. If you have older windows, the following guide can help you decide whether it is time to consider glass and window replacement.


Condensation that builds up on window glass can indicate one of two things. If the condensation is building up on the outer surface of the glass, then the windows may be poorly insulated and are thus costing you in increased energy costs. Condensation that builds up between window panes means that the seal has broken on the windows and that they are no longer providing the insulation benefits one would expect from double pane windows.


You shouldn't feel drafts around your windows. If you do, then the glass may be separating from the frames and allowing cold air inside. Sometimes the glass is fine, but the weatherstripping around the window has failed. In other cases, frame damage has resulted in drafty windows. Wooden frames, in particular, often become warped as they age or if it rots sets in, which then allows in plenty of drafts. It's a good idea to determine the cause before proceeding. Weatherstripping can be replaced, but glass and frame issues may require new windows.


Age can be hard on glass. Over time, small pieces of grit scratch the glass and leave behind a haze that can't be removed. The grit and hazing could be caused by cleaning, or it could be a result of wind exposure and dust. Regardless, the view through the window and the quality of light that comes in will be affected. Replacing the window glass is the only way to fix hazing issues. In the future, you can avoid hazing by only wiping the windows when they are wet with water or a cleaning solution so that the grit doesn't act like sandpaper.


Some noise may come through even high-quality windows, but if the noise level is becoming unbearable, your windows likely need replacing. Multi-pane windows with proper weather sealing provide more sound-deadening abilities than single-pane windows. The bonus is that a window is usually more energy-efficient the more noise-proof it is.

Operation Issues

Your windows should slide open and closed easily. If you have windows that stick or jam, then something may be wrong with the frames. In some cases, you may be able to have the problem repaired, but if your windows are older, replacement is likely the best solution. Newer vinyl and aluminum windows are less likely to experience operation issues when compared to wood windows.

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