Are you wanting to leave your large home because you will soon be retiring? Or, perhaps you want a small vacation home, maybe one in the mountains. No matter the scenario, do you already have your plans made? If not, maybe you are looking for ideas. From checking out cabin park models to considering buying a recreational vehicle, here are some ideas that might help you.

Check Out Park Models

Have you ever been inside a cabin park model? If so, you already know how charming and cozy they are. If you haven't been inside a park model, consider taking the time to look at several of them. You may not find elegance, if that's what you're looking for. Instead, the cabin model will be lovely in a different way, with a rustic theme. 

Of course, your rooms won't be as spacious as the ones in your large house are. However, the cabin will be so well designed that you probably won't miss the extra space. Consider the size of cabin you want. For example, will you want extra bedrooms and bathrooms? Those will be available, too, though they might make the rooms in the cabin even smaller. Maybe you want most of the space in the cabin to be given to the living area. If so, you can have a combination dining area and living area, with little square footage in the kitchen area.

Consider An RV

Another consideration if you want to buy a small home is to select a recreational vehicle. These use space excellently. Every nook and cranny of the RV will be utilized well. For example, the built-in seats behind the eating table will probably also be pull-out beds. The sofas will be pull-out beds, too. 

Again, you need to decide how much space you want. If you are wanting to keep the RV super small, of course that is an option. However, if you want additional space, consider getting the RV model that has a larger living area and a larger kitchen. 

Whether you decide on a park model cabin or on a recreational vehicle, you'll still have to decide where you want the small home to be situated. If you end up with an RV, you might want to be in an RV park where people often settle permanently or where they rent space between travels. If you choose a cabin model, then you probably want to be in a more secluded area, right? 

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