If you love having a modern look in your home, there are lots of ways to accomplish this goal. The right flooring and decor can go a long way toward making a room look modern, but choosing pieces of furniture that have a modern design will be one of the best ways to achieve the look that you want. In a bedroom, it's easy to find a bed and dresser that look modern, but a furniture store that specializes in modern pieces will have other products, too. One product that you'll often see is a vanity table, which can be a good addition to lots of bedrooms. Here are three modern vanity table styles.


You'll see aluminum in lots of pieces of modern furniture, including vanity tables. This material often has a highly modern look, which can make it a good fit in a bedroom that you decorate in a modern style. Some aluminum vanity tables have a brushed finish, which gives them a matte appearance rather than a glossy one. Think of what metallic finishes might be visible in your bedroom. For example, if you have an en-suite bathroom with a matte nickel faucet, and can see this fixture from your bedroom, you might want to buy a vanity table with a matte aluminum.


Glass is another material that is present in many types of modern furniture. There are many different vanity tables on the market that use glass to achieve a modern style. The appearance of the glass can vary. Some of these pieces of furniture are clear, while others are frosted or tinted. Glass can not only offer a modern style but can also help to keep the vanity table from looking bulky. This can be important in a primary bedroom that is on the smaller side.

Faux Stone

While you might have a few examples of real stone throughout your home, certain pieces of modern furniture often have a faux stone finish. For example, you may find a modern-looking vanity table that has a faux granite or quartz top. These faux materials can look surprisingly realistic but are more affordable than actual stone. Additionally, they're also much lighter in weight — which is something that you'll appreciate when it's time to carry the vanity table to the bedroom if you live in a two-story home. Visit a modern furniture store to shop for a vanity table in one of these materials.