From completely wiring your new custom home to fixing a light switch in the guest bathroom, there are several instances when you will need the skills of an electrician. However, if this is your first experience hiring an electrician, you might not even know where to begin or how to hire a reputable professional who has the skills, knowledge, and certification to legally complete the job.

Here are a few simple tips to help you find the right electrician for your needs.

Look for the Right Qualifications

To ensure you find a qualified professional, you need to do a little research to determine if your electrician has the following qualifications:

  • Certification and experience. Look for an electrician that is either classified as a journeyman or a master electrician. If the electrician is an apprentice, they should be under supervision.
  • Licensed and bonded.
  • Residential, commercial, or installation electrician. For example, if you are building a new house, you need to hire an installation electrician. This professional is qualified to install a new system.

Additionally, your electrician should provide a free quote on all their work. You should get several quotes and compare the pricing. If the electrician is charging far less and does not have the proper certifications and licensing, consider this a red flag, and keep looking.

Ask Friends, Family, and Neighbors for Recommendations

If you are completely lost and don't know where to begin, look for your loved ones for quality recommendations. Ask your friends, neighbors, coworkers, and family about any past experiences with electricians. Did the electrician have the proper certification and licensing? Did the electrician charge a fair price? Was the job done on time and on budget?

Take these recommendations and do your own research online. Look for reviews from others in your area to help narrow down your choices.

Ask Questions Before Hiring an Electrician  

Finally, once you have narrowed down your options, it is time to interview prospective electricians. In addition to asking about licensing, certification, and pricing, don't hesitate to ask other questions. For example, ask about the electrician's availability. Also, ask for references and examples of past work.

Most electricians will be glad to provide you with all this information. If the electrician is unwilling to show you proof of licensing or certification or is classified as an apprentice electrician and is performing the work unsupervised, consider these red flags.

From asking the right questions to looking for licensed, bonded, and certified professionals, there are several ways you can find a qualified electrician in your area. 

For more information about hiring a licensed electrician, contact a local business.