Installing new seamless gutters can be a good idea for many reasons. These gutters are made of solid pieces that are custom formed to your roof line, which makes them look good and ensures they are less prone to leaks. Knowing when it's time to retire your old gutters ensures you get new ones on before problems develop.

1.  Seam Gaps 

Older gutter systems were typically made with seams, which were sealed at the time of installation to avoid leaks. Over time, the sealant fails and movement of the gutters can cause them to gap apart at the seams. Water won't flow to the downspout when this happens, but instead, flow right through the gaps and render the gutters useless. Seam repairs are only a short-term solution, so a replacement will be needed.

2. Small Holes

Small holes can develop for a lot of reasons, but rust and erosion are the likely culprits of an aging gutter. Occasionally, punctures, such as those made from poorly placed fasteners, can also lead to holes. Patches don't tend to last through more than one or two rainfalls, especially if there are multiple holes to contend with. If there is leaking, then consider it time for new gutters.

3. Sagging

Gutters need to be well anchored at the proper pitch so that water runs down to the downspouts without hindrance. Aging gutters, failed fasteners, and damage from debris or ice buildup can all lead to sagging gutters that no longer work properly. The gutters will become prone to holding standing water or overflowing, both signs that they are at the end of their useful life span.

4. Overflowing

Damage isn't the only reason gutters overflow. Gutters must also be sized correctly for the amount of water that flows off the roof during an average rain event. In regions where climate changes have led to increased rain or snowfall, then older gutters may be undersized for the water load they must deal with. Installing wider or deeper gutters can be the perfect solution.

5. Placement Issues

Where the gutters and downspouts are installed is another important consideration. If you have made renovations to your home or landscaping, the old downspouts may not empty out at the best location anymore. You may also need to reroute the gutter troughs, or even install new troughs in areas where the roof line has changed or a new entry has been installed. 

Contact a commercial seamless gutter installation service if it looks like it's time to upgrade your old gutter system.