You don't often realize just how many different types of ceiling fans there are until you start shopping around for one. Then, one type is a flush-mount ceiling fan, which is also known as a hugger ceiling fan. These fans mount really close to the ceiling. They lack the down rod that you see with other varieties of ceiling fans. Flush-mount ceiling fans are quite popular and for good reason. Here are some of the benefits they offer over more typical ceiling fans with a down rod.

You don't have to worry about clearance in rooms with low ceilings

If you have a room with a lower ceiling, a ceiling fan with a drop rod might come down too low to be safe. Sure, you might be able to walk under it, but if someone can touch it just by raising their arms, that's still too low to be safe. By choosing a flush-mount ceiling fan, you allow for maximum space under the fan. This enables you to install a ceiling fan in a room where you may not have been able to install one previously.

You're less likely to end up with a wobbly fan

You've probably been in an older home with wobbly ceiling fans at some point. The noise they make as they go around and wobble from side to side is annoying, and of course, you're always a little worried they might wobble right off. With a flush-mount ceiling fan, there is less risk of the fan becoming wobbly over time. There is only one connection point between the fan and the ceiling, rather than two connection points on either end of the rod. Even if the fan does become slightly unbalanced, the flush mount will keep it from wobbling too much.

The fan may stay cleaner

When you have a rod-mounted fan, there is a lot of airspace over the fan blades. This means more dust and dirt gets a chance to land on them. With the hugger fan's blades closer to the ceiling, they tend to stay a lot cleaner. Cleaning a fan is never any fun, so the cleaner your fan remains over time, the better.

If you think a flush-mounted fan may be right for you, start exploring your different options. There are a lot of these fans in various colors, finishes, shapes, and sizes. You can pick a style that coordinates with the rest of your decor.