Canvas canopies are used in the yard for a variety of reasons. Some homeowners utilize them as an area to keep people protected from direct sunlight and inclement weather conditions. Others use them as a makeshift storage area for yard toys, tools, and gardening paraphernalia. If you decide to purchase a canvas canopy for one of these reasons, keeping it in the best condition is necessary so it lasts for a good number of years. Here are some steps to take to protect your investment.

Set Up Your Canopy in the Right Location

The spot that you select for your canopy makes a difference in whether it is at risk of becoming damaged prematurely. Do not set up a canopy underneath trees with large limbs as they could easily break and hit the top portion. If this occurs, the canvas portion could become torn or the material may weaken from the weight. The support poles could also become broken if a tree limb is exceptionally heavy. It is best to install a canvas canopy in a location far from any other item that has protruding portions or sharp edges as well. 

Make Sure Your Canopy Is Installed Correctly

When you set up a canvas canopy, check over all of its support poles several times during the process to ensure they are not bent or bowed. This could alter the look of the apparatus, as well as cause it to collapse from uneven weight distribution. After the canvas portion is slid and latched into place, conduct another assessment of the poles. Do this by gently pushing each one to determine whether it is secure or if it is too loose to keep the canopy upright.

Clean Your Canvas Canopy Each Season

You can leave your canvas canopy up for several months without having to perform cleaning sessions upon the material. It is wise to clean your canopy before it is stored for the off-season. This removes any accumulated debris and keeps the color of your canopy looking bright and presentable. Remove the poles from your piece and spread the canvas upon a clean surface. Use a mixture of mild dish soap and water to remove debris. Afterward, rinse well with a garden hose.

Give Your Canopy Ample Time to Dry Before Storing

Canvas canopies are able to withstand moisture without causing ill effects to their aesthetics. It is, however, important to allow the canvas to thoroughly dry before it is stored. If you intend on taking your canopy down for a bit, do not do so right after precipitation has fallen. Instead, let your canopy sit in the sun for a day or two before storing it. This way you can roll it up without the worry of mold or mildew growing upon the material while it is in storage.

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