There are so many ways to use stone in your backyard. The first options you might think of may be things like patios, walkways, and retaining walls. And indeed, these elements can be incredibly beautiful when made from natural stone. However, you can also get creative. Here are a few other fun things you can have built from stone in your backyard.


Is there a hill in your backyard? Consider having a stone staircase built into the hill. Sure, you could just walk up the hill, but when it's slippery and wet outside, you might prefer to instead walk up a set of stone stairs. Even if you do not use the stairs often, they can add a unique element to your yard. They can serve as a focal point as you decorate around them with potted plants in the summer and with snowmen or light displays in the winter.

Small Wading Pools

Building a big pool in your backyard is quite an expensive endeavor, but what about a small wading pool? Most people primarily use their pool to cool off anyway, so one that's only 2 feet deep is sufficient. You can have the pool built from natural stone so it fits into the landscape and has a more rustic look. Even if it only measures 4 x 4 feet, it will be a fun place for your family to splash and play. Do make sure you use sandstone, travertine, or another textured stone so your pool isn't too slippery.

Permanent Bird Baths

Another option is to build a permanent bird bath from natural stone. The bath can be very similar to a small pool — made from rocks placed at the bottom of a shallow hole. If you put a bird feeder near the bath, birds will flock to it. The birds and the natural stone will come together for a really attractive scene.

Workout Step Platforms

If you enjoy working out, why not build a fitness platform in your backyard? All you really need is one large rock and two smaller rocks to put to either side of it. All three should be cut so the tops are flat. You can step on and off the three rocks as you do step aerobics routines, or just use them as a base when you do squats.

There are so many ways to use natural stone in your yard, so don't hesitate to let your imagination run a little wild.