When you first moved into your house, you may have put a lot of time and effort into getting all the essential furniture pieces. After bringing all these pieces inside and using them for a long time, you may find that you still have a lot of leftover space throughout the house. This is when you should resume furniture shopping and pick up functional pieces to fill in the empty areas.


Even if you have a coffee table in the living room, you will find a lot of value in picking up an ottoman because it can provide you with similar functionality. While the ottoman may have a soft surface top compared to a coffee table, you should not have a problem setting down a tray.

Putting a sturdy tray on top of an ottoman is all that you need to do is gain another spot where you can put food, drinks, remote controls, and decorations in the living room. You can get even more functionality when you make sure to buy an ottoman with a hollow interior for storage use.


While you may have the most common tables, such as a coffee table and dining table, you should consider picking up other ones that can provide a lot of functionality. A great option is adding end tables on each side of your living room's couch to maximize storage within the room. Also, you may love being able to set down a hot or cold drink that you know will be within arm's reach.

If you have several corners throughout the house that you know are being unused or underutilized, you should think about picking up corner tables to fill in the space. The tabletop alone will allow you to make use of the space, but you should also be able to find tables with shelving, drawers, or built-in USB ports to provide functionality in as many ways as possible.

Bed Trunk

When you look at each bedroom, you may find that the end of each bed is empty. This gives you an ideal opportunity to pick up bed trunks that you can set up at the end.

The great thing about a bed trunk is that it can provide a lot of concealed storage while also giving you a place to sit down. If the bed is too short or too tall to sit on comfortably while putting on socks and shoes, you can start sitting on the bed trunk instead for a better experience.

Buying these furniture pieces will help you fill out your home and improve functionality.

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