If you live in an agricultural area or near a restaurant, flies can quickly become a real nuisance. Even with window screens and screened doors, these pestilence-carrying pests can find their ways inside your home, landing on surfaces like your toilet or trash can and then carrying these germs (including E. coli and Salmonella) straight to your kitchen table. But many store-bought fly-control methods like fly strips can be messy and unsightly. Can a pest control company help send these flies packing for good? 

Who Needs Pest Control for Flies?

For those who see only a fly or two per week, calling pest control may be overkill. Instead, these flies can usually be handled through the use of an electronic tennis racket-style bug zapper or even an old-fashioned flyswatter. 

However, if you find yourself shooing away flies inside your house on a daily basis, or are unable to enjoy a nice evening outside because of the sheer number of flies swarming around you, pest control can help. 

How Does a Pest Control Company Eradicate Flies?

Proper fly pest control depends on three elements: (1) identifying the source of the infestation; (2) disrupting the breeding cycle by destroying the flies' breeding site; and (3) continuing to monitor for any additional infestations or recurrences. 

Because flies have a fairly short lifespan, destroying their breeding site can get rid of them fairly quickly. As older flies die off without reproducing, the colony will grow smaller until it disappears entirely.

Breeding sites usually consist of areas with shallow, standing water, like drains, old tires, or low spots in your yard. If possible, this water will be drained (since shallow standing water can also be the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes). But if getting rid of the water just isn't possible, the pest control company will spray or sprinkle a pesticide around the area. Some commonly-used pesticides will kill the flies immediately, while others will simply render them sterile. In either event, you should begin to notice a marked decrease in the flies around your house within just a week or two of treatment. 

In some cases, the flies' breeding site is located away from your property. In these situations, the pest control company will either get the other landowner's permission to eradicate the breeding site or may install fly traps on the perimeter of your property to prevent them from making their way to your house.