Have you always wanted to own a smart home? If so, it is more possible than ever thanks to the technology becoming more popular and affordable. Here are some smart home features that you must have if you are having one professionally installed.

Voice Controlled Lights

The days of having to reach over to turn on a light are over. Thanks to voice controls, you can easily turn lights on and off by just using your voice. This makes turning off the lights a breeze when it comes to watching TV at the end of the day or simply getting ready for bed. You can use a specific voice command to turn off all the lights in your home so you don't have to run around and turn them off manually.

Automatic Shades

Your shades can also become an automated part of your home, which offers several benefits. You can program shades to open and close based on the time of year to help make your home more energy-efficient. For example, automatically close the shades during the day in the hot summer to prevent heat from getting into your home. You can also use automation to close the shades in the evening and then open them up again in the morning to let in that sunshine as you are getting ready for the day. 

Smart Locks

Smart locks make getting into your home easier than ever since they don't require keys. Smart locks can be controlled with an app, which allows you to give people temporary keys that can be revoked without having to hire a locksmith to rekey all of your locks. When combined with voice controls, you can give the command to lock all of your doors at night to prevent you from going around to check them all. Do not worry; these locks do not allow you to unlock the doors with voice commands due to safety concerns. 

Smart Garage Door Opener

Have you ever left the garage door open by accident? It is possible to connect your garage door to your home's smart home hub so you won't have to worry about remembering anymore. You can get notifications that the door has been open for a specific amount of time, and you'll even have the ability to close it remotely. This will help prevent the door from accidentally being left open overnight or while you are gone at work during the day. 

To learn more, contact a smart home automation system installation professional.