If you have a quirky personality or just love to give your home and property personality and expression, then your yard is your canvas. Here are ways to give your yard a unique appeal that you and your neighbors can enjoy.

Accent wooden fencing

The concept of an accent fence is similar to that of an accent wall in the home: a single length of fence is given a bolder or brighter hue to draw in the eye and bring the whole look of the space together. Choose a bright or metallic hue for your back fence, such as:  

  • goldenrod
  • turquoise
  • bright red
  • copper

After you have chosen your accent fence color, complement it by placing various sizes of outdoor pots around along it, some filled with flowers and others bare. This gives is a cheeky yet classic texture that can be appreciated easily.

Yard art

If you are into lawn decor, then you have likely seen a new style of yard art that draws the eye quickly: metal sculptures made of various recycled pieces. These artful and whimsical sculptures are commonly large flowers or shaped like animals, including alligators, butterflies, and even cats or dogs. You can place these yard art sculptures in your garden, along walking paths, or even next to your mailbox to add whimsical and childlike joy to your yard. Since these sculptures are often finished with a rust-resistant coating, you can leave them out in all kinds of weather for year-long appeal, although you may want to take them inside during the winter when snowfall makes them hard to see anyhow.

If you are wanting a single piece you can show off in the yard or want to create an artful focal point, consider buying a larger piece of yard art rather than many smaller ones. Surround your chosen sculpture with low and colorful wildflowers or a ground-level spotlight to give it the recognition you desire. Place a sculpture away from large trees and side buildings so it can be a real attention grabber all on its own.

Before you make any changes to your yard, make sure you plan out the design you want your decorations to be in an the type of message you want to convey. This way you will know the results are both welcoming and beautiful to look at, which can make you and your neighbors very happy. Visit flea markets, your local art galleries, and retailers like Star Imports Wholesale for inspiration to make your yard truly unique and full of vivid expression.