The movie Snakes on a Plane skillfully presented a mix of horror and humor derived from the terrifying concept of people trapped in mid-flight with some very dangerous reptiles. Do not assume that such a fantasy scenario can never happen in real life. Homes have been known to be invaded by dangerous snakes. Even nonvenomous snakes present hazards. A family pet could be at great risk when a snake is roaming unnoticed. Anyone worried about the presence of a snake should quickly call a pest exterminator capable of the appropriate response.

Snakes Slither Unnoticed

A Long Island family discovered a four-foot long snake in their walls. Mercifully, the snake was a harmless one. Not all snakes are harmless though. A particular geographic region can be home to very dangerous snakes seeking a way out of the cold. And then there are "transplanted" snakes that humans introduced to the local environment. A highly dangerous 16-foot boa constrictor was discovered in, of all places, a river in Ohio. A snake that size finding its way into a home could create a tragic scenario. The tales should present a cautionary warning. If any reports of snake infestations appear in the local region, take the reports seriously and be on the lookout for these creatures.

Snakes and Their Disease Risk

Being bit by a snake is definitely cause for alarm. Those who live in regions where nonpoisonous snakes thrive must not assume these species are totally harmless. Snakes and other reptiles could spread numerous infectious diseases such as salmonella, deadly botulism, and more. Catching a harmless snake and taking it far out into the woods to be released may seem like a nice, animal-friendly gesture. The trouble is touching the snake may lead to a bacterial infection and, possibly, a very harmful one. Touching any pest is never a good idea. Few people outside of those with direct experience with snakes and other creatures even realize there are peripheral hazards associated with their presence. Handling should be left to those in the know, like the experts at Ace Walco & Sons Termite & Pest Control.

Sanitizing The Interior

A pest control company may do more than assist in removing snakes and making it very difficult for snakes to reenter. Disinfecting work may be performed or explained. This could prove exceptionally helpful since feces, shed skin, and more could leave infectious bacteria behind to breed in the home. Properly addressing the presence of snakes may be more encompassing than homeowners realize. Take this as another reason why professionals should be contacted.