Landscape lighting is so much more than a few solar lights scattered around your flower beds. Although these are nice to have, other types of landscape lights such as low voltage lighting can really highlight your home. Up lights, down lights, flood lights, bullet lights, and even solar lights can all help showcase your beautiful home at night and ensure everyone on the block can see just how great your landscape and home looks (even in the dark). These lights all need to be installed properly. You can hire a landscape lighting professional, or you can install the lighting yourself. See below for helpful tips.

Well, Flood, Bullet, And Up Lights

These types of lights can all be used to highlight trees, bushes, and other tall features in your yard (such as posts or flag poles). When using these lights, be sure that the base is flooded with most of the light. This helps showcase the object, without the light becoming lost in the sky. You can also hang lights up in the tree (down lights), pointed downward to the ground. Be sure to hang them as high as possible in the tree.

Solar Lights

Solar lights are perfect for flower beds and for lighting up special plants/flowers at night, especially if your flower beds are further away from your home. This way you don't have to run electric lines all over your yard. Be sure to space these lights out enough so that the lights have their own separate glow—not continuous or connected lighting. There are a number of different styles of solar lighting in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Look for solar lights that fit your own personal style. If your flower beds aren't in direct sunlight, your solar lights may not work as well, and you may need to use low-voltage lighting instead.

Bullet And Wash Lights

These lights work well to showcase architectural features of your home. Point them up at corners of your home or at beautiful features on your home, such as an archway. Use softer lighting in between the bolder bullet lights. These lights can also be used to showcase different objects around your home, such as a fountain or arbor. Use two lights aimed at the object to really highlight it.

String Lights

String lights are a great addition and can be used on a patio to light up the open space. They can be run in a square around the patio and held in place using tall beams/posts, or you can use multiple strings that are run back and forth above the patio for even more lighting. 

Landscape lighting can be found at your local hardware store, as can the electric wiring, bulbs, and extra transformer (if needed). If running the electric seems a little too complicated, it may be best to hire a professional. Have a peek at this website for more information on outdoor lighting.