If you have a deck with spindles and open areas, and the wide gaps between the spindles make you nervous, there are some things you can do to improve the look and safety of the area. You don't want to risk having a child fall through the railings or a pet, and you may not want to pay to have the railings changed. Instead, you can use some temporary options to make the changes that you need without having to sacrifice how you use and enjoy the space.

Use Stainless Steel Cables

By drilling holes in the railings or spindles and putting stainless steel cables through the spindles to end at the posts, you can get a protective barrier. Stainless steel cables will look modern and they aren't going to obstruct the view or open feel of the deck. To do this on your own you'll need:

  • Steel cables
  • Wire cutters
  • Drill
  • Bolts

After you drill the holes, you can use the wire cutters to cut the cables and then use bolts to secure the wires into place. These can also be removed over time if needed.

Install a Plastic Shield

You can get a clear plastic piece that goes over the railings, preventing anything from passing through from the deck and railings to outside of it. These pieces can be purchased at home improvement stores or ordered, and then drilled into place. You will have to wash these to remove smudges and debris that can make the view blurry, but the plastic pieces still allow light through. These shields are often popular because the child can't get anything off the deck and because it can stop pests from coming up on the deck if there is a gate on the stairway or no stairs to the ground.

If you love the way your deck looks and you aren't ready to make any major changes or to block off the openness that you love about it, you'll want to get the materials and use one of these covering options for your outdoor space. The decking company that you used may have suggestions for materials that will work the best with your property, and what will last the longest. Making your deck safe will help make you feel more comfortable when you have your children out and around the space, and you can always remove the safety options at another time.