Hardwood flooring is highly durable, and can withstand a great deal of wear and tear without becoming visibly damaged. However, despite its ability to withstand physical stresses, hardwood flooring can become stained if it is exposed to darkly colored liquids or substances. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to treat stains onwood flooring that can help preserve your floor's natural aesthetic.


Immediately following a spill of a dark liquid on your hardwood floor, you should clean the area. Remove any debris or broken glass using a vacuum or broom, and mop up any excess liquid with paper towels. The faster you clean your hardwood floor and the more liquid you remove, the easier it will be to remove the stain.

Mild Stains

For mild wine, coffee, and food stains, a mixture of warm water combined with mild cleaning detergent is usually enough to remove it. Stay away from harsh cleaning chemicals, as these can remove the finish from your hardwood floor. Instead, scrub the stained area firmly with a soft cloth or sponge until the stain has disappeared. Alternatively, most hardware stores sell commercial wood cleaners, which are stronger than common household cleaning detergents but not so strong that they will damage the finish of your hardwood floors.

Tougher Stains

However, stains that have become set into the wood itself will require a different method. Use denatured alcohol, which can be found at most hardware stores. Simply pour a minimal amount onto a soft rag (avoid applying the alcohol directly onto your floor, as excess exposure can ruin the finish) and rub the stained area liberally. Once the stain has been removed, take a second cloth with warm water and rub the newly cleaned area to remove any remaining alcohol and to prevent bleaching.

Grease and Blood Stains

Grease and blood stains are in another category from most food and drink spills, and can be much harder to clean if you use the above methods. Combining ammonia and cold water in an equal parts mixture and apply it to the stain. If scrubbing won't remove the stain from your floor, simply leave a rag damp with the mixture over the stained area for about fifteen minutes before scrubbing again. As with denatured alcohol, make sure that you take a fresh, wet rag and wipe down the newly cleaned area to remove any remaining ammonia and prevent bleaching.