If your teeth look really stained and dingy and you don't do many things that would stain the teeth, you want to see the dentist to find out what's going on. The dentist will look at the teeth and the type of staining and discoloration you have, to determine what is causing the yellow teeth that you have. There are many factors in your daily life that could be staining the teeth without you knowing it, and here are a few things you'll want to look into.

Water Softener

If you don't think your diet is causing the staining, and you don't have any habits that stain the teeth, the problem could be your drinking water in the home. If there is too much iron in the water, or there are other hard water problems, then this can stain the teeth yellow. Consider having a water softener installed to stop the hard water that stains teeth, and to improve water quality at the same time. Old corroding pipes could also be causing the water toxins that stain teeth.

Fluoride Treatments

Have you skipped fluoride treatments at the dentist since you were an adult because you didn't want to pay for them? If so, ask if a fluoride treatment can help strengthen the enamel to prevent staining. Getting the fluoride treatments once a year should be sufficient.

Sealant Application

Have a sealant applied to the teeth to act as a barrier to protect the enamel, and to protect the teeth from staining and cavities. This may not be covered by your insurance but it's well worth the investment to protect your teeth if you are tired of the staining.

Whitening Products

The dentist should be able to do an inner office whitening treatment, and then recommend or prescribe whitening products for you to use at home to maintain your color. Ask the dentist which whitening treatments are safe to use daily.

If your teeth are making you look older than you are and they make you embarrassed to smile, you want to find out what the problem is right away. You don't want to stain your teeth and erode them so badly that the damage is hard to correct, and you don't want discolored teeth for a lifetime. Talk with your dentist and find out exactly what is staining your teeth, and make sure you start fixing the problem right away. Contact a business, such as Johnson Water Conditioning, for more information about water softeners.