If you or a loved one is starting to feel claustrophobic at home, particularly a home that used to feel quite spacious, it might be time to look at whether you're dealing with a hoarding situation. Many people think of extreme situations when they hear the term hoarding, but it can be a clean problem that just includes a lot of stuff as well. There are quite a few steps involved to dealing with a hoarding situation, but it can definitely be done.

Hoarding Defined

There's a big difference between regular clutter and actual hoarding. Hoarding means that someone has significant trouble getting rid of objects and possessions for reasons that may or may not seem reasonable at the time. While many people hang onto things "just in case," hoarders often allow their belongings to completely take over their living space, finding security or emotional fulfillment from them. Hoarding can happen with all sorts of objects, from clothing to food and everything in between.

Getting a Handle on Hoarding

For most people, hoarding is a mental health problem. If someone that you love is dealing with hoarding, the solution is rarely as simple as having a weekend clear out session. For so many hoarders, their emotions are very strongly tied to the items that they hoard, so simply throwing out those objects doesn't solve the problem and can actually cause some hoarders to double up on their hoarding. Aside from getting mental health help for the process, it is important to line up some resources to handle disposing of the objects. Some may be donate-able or sellable, while others may need to be taken to a landfill. Using dumpsters is a great way to collect large amounts of trash-- you can rent one from a waste removal company.

Revisit the Issue Periodically

Assuming that you're able to come to a solution for the problem, your hoarding friend or family member will need maintenance to keep up with the new, clutter-free lifestyle. This may not take nearly as much time as it did the first time around, especially if you're able to schedule time every few months or so to freshen up the area. Make sure that you do this with the loved one in question so that there aren't any nasty surprises for anyone involved.

If you need help with professional waste removal for your hoarding situation, contact an expert today. They can provide you with all of the information that you need to have the right tools on hand to deal with the hoard properly. For more information on clearing out a house of clutter, talk to a company like Progressive Waste Solutions of FL Inc.